It’s great to have your SEO, marketing campaigns, and customer loyalty programs all linked to your site, but is it really bringing in customers and getting your business out there in the IOT?

I have been involved in marketing for over 30 years in one way shape or form, helping small businesses identify their market and to help them be found.

We've put together the 10 things we think are the most important to help your business and ensure you retain your business and brand credibility.

1. Search Results

The first thing I do for any small business is to ensure their Google My Business and Bing Places For Business are well represented, detailed and include relevant images and videos. Users want to be reassured that they are working with a legitimate organisation or business, often requiring personal contact even if your business is online only.

Listing your site and business with local search platforms also helps you get found, ensuring ALL your images have the appropriate name and tag as well as video, check out Jacaranda Cottages video, with it's relevant title Jacaranda Cottages Maleny, Queensland, the property name, location and state or cottage it is relevant to.

2. Navigation

People arriving at your site expect your navigation to be in familiar places that are easy to find. Upon landing on your page, about 50% of visitors look for the navigation bar to figure out where things are and what is relevant to them. Users want an easy way to acclimate themselves and move around without wasting time finding the main areas of the site.

Overall navigation hierarchy should really be at the top of the page. Ensure the logo on each page links back to the home page, another navigation feature that users expect. You have the most important elements first, and each main category has subcategories underneath. Having said that, keep pages to a minimum, especially now mobile devices are the main source of searches.

3. Offer Something Unique

If your customers are comparing similar products from three or more businesses, ensure you have something special to offer, whether it be an added incentive, special rate or personalised service, unique to new customers. All being equal, are you more likely to buy the one that offers an introductory deal or incentive.

Figure out how to give your users amazing offers they can’t resist and ensure you match your offer with what your users are looking for.

4. Contact Information

If you are selling a physical item or service, make sure your customer is able to contact you if they have an issue or concern, make it easy to contact you to find a solution. We all work hard for our dollars so they expect a way to get in touch. An email address should also be included but adding a phone number shows that you care about your customers.

A toll-free number may be a good idea if you service a large geographic area, make sure it is highlighted at the top right corner of your home page. A sticky header means whatever number you use stays at the page top, even when the customer is scrolling down through the site.

5. Consistency