How much should you be paying for social media marketing in Australia and what should I expect for what I spend?

One of the first questions asked by a prospective client is “how much does it cost?” Given that we’re in Australia, many of our digital services are outsourced to agencies in India or the Philippines, among others, not great for us living and working here.

No matter which direction you choose, always ensure you provide guidelines and a style guide for your content. It's money well spent and critical to ensuring every piece of content is branded and is in line with your style and. So where do you go and what should you pay?

For small businesses, the question of cost and ultimately budget seems to be one of the major constraining factors in business deciding to move forward, or not, with a marketing employee or agency.

As with a lot of services, the question of cost varies A LOT. Based on the agency or consultants experience, the range of services the agency may offer, the services you require and the size of both yours and their business.

In Australia, costs can be as little as $400 per month right up to and exceeding $22,000 per month. Such a massive variance can make it impossible to decide which agency or service provider you should go with. What are the price differences and why?

A great source is ASTON SOCIAL and PURPLE COW, these prices may amaze you but you WILL pay similar utilising off-shore agencies for;

  • Volume Outsource Providers

  • Specialist Social Media Agencies

  • Full-service marketing Agencies

  • In house

Give a local a go, support small businesses in Australia.

Hiring Your Own or Freelancers

Over almost 30 years, I have worked for small and large businesses, a couple of incorporated organisations, and an all service marketing agency, both as a freelancer and an employee. My roles have included traditional marketing, digital design, print and digital advertising, website design, social media management, mapping to online travel agents (OTAs), booking systems and much more.

It's quite often unclear to those who have never been on a marketing team, how much actually goes into it. The pressure to produce, added to learning complex systems can be an intense experience. If the team is small you have to develop an all-round set of skills to get even the simplest tasks and campaigns up and running.

So where do we start and what should you be looking for?


Should your business be large enough to employ a full-time all-rounder, meaning someone who can design, edit and maintain websites and social media platforms, manage calendars and schedules, conduct reporting and act on results, design collateral and print material, point of sale, catalogues and product packaging, along with anything else you may need. Creating content can lead to content writing, photography, video and editing.

You should expect everything to be exactly as required, on brand and to the point, with scheduled posting and routine reporting. Often design styling will suffer or the reporting and paperwork, as your team member may not have the resources or all-round skills that they require.

Pricing: This depends highly upon the experience level of the person you hire. You can expect to spend around $65,000 per year for a graduate or someone with 3-5 years experience, and up to $120,000 per year for someone with clearly grounded all-round